Leadership Starts With SELF-Leadership

August 24, 2020
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Leadership Starts With SELF-Leadership

Leadership does not start with your title, your position, or your experience. Leadership starts with your SELF!

You cannot be an effective leader of others, if you cannot lead your self!

Self-Leadership Defined

According to Bryant and Kazan in their book Self-Leadership – How to Become a More Effective and Efficient Leader from the Inside Out, self-leadership is:

The practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling and actions towards your objectives.

Self-Leadership is About Being Intentional

Self-leadership isn’t about being blown around by the economy, business, life, etc.

It is about being intentional. It’s about knowing who you are, what you’re after (your intended outcomes), what your skills are, and how to best get to your intended outcome.

All humans are self-leaders; however, not all self-leaders are effective at self-leading (Charles Manz, Professor of Business Leadership at Univ. of Massachusetts).

We, as humans, are ultimately responsible for our own thoughts, feelings and actions. Even in times like the current time. We are truly “self-leaders.”

However, we often think, feel and act based on subconscious programming – therefore we are not aware of the effects of those subconscious beliefs. When operating from this mindset, some humans have a tendency to adopt a “victim mentality” – blaming others for the bad results in their lives. This is what Manz means when he says that not all self-leaders are effective at leading themselves.

Self-Leadership is About Influence

The ability to influence our own thought, feelings and actions toward the accomplishment of our intended outcome is crucial to self-leadership. It means knowing who we are (what our natural inclinations and tendencies are), using self-discipline to develop habits that support the accomplishment of our intended outcomes, and making sure that we take care of ourselves.

Being Self-Aware

This consists of inborn tendencies to think and behave in certain ways. Some of our behaviors are personality based, some are tendency based.

There are several assessments available that can help us get to know ourselves at a deeper level. (Links are in the notes for the 8/28/2020 episode).


Commitment to our intended outcomes…

Commitment to changing what needs to change in order for us to achieve those outcomes…

Commitment to follow-through (to do what is necessary to achieve our intended outcomes)…

Commitment to create habits that support us in working toward our intended outcomes…

And commitment to evaluate those habits. Sometimes we develop habits that do not support us in reaching our intended outcomes. Sometimes we develop habits that help us get part of the way there, but need to be replaced by more appropriate habits to get us the rest of the way there. Blindly (maybe stubbornly) hanging onto ineffective habits is one of the greatest sources of frustration and anxiety we humans can give to ourselves.

Self-Care (Self-Love)

One of the ancient scripts says:

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Notice the last 2 words of that text: as yourself.

You MUST take care of yourself first, before you can serve others around you. If you don’t have the energy, health, proper mindset, etc. you cannot effectively serve and influence others.

Influence others by influencing yourself!


Take one of the assessments to get another perspective on who you are.

Commit 100% to accomplishing one task this week toward your intended outcome. A 99% commitment leaves 1% chance of failing to reach your intended outcome. Don’t leave ANY chance for failure. It’s either a “Hell YES!” or it’s a “Hell NO!”

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