Despite what you've accomplished to this point in your life and career,

…you feel like something’s missing!

You KNOW that you have a story to tell that can have a tremendous impact on the world around you.

You KNOW you have a positive legacy to leave behind you.

You KNOW that it’s all within you, somewhere, right NOW.

And you're READY to let it out!

It’s time to create YOUR legacy, impact the world around you, and truly LIVE life!

And you’d like some help doing that…

Consider Hiring A Coach

The Value of Working With a Certified Elite Coach...

  • Helps you find answers to your challenges
  • Guides you through the process until you’re confident in doing it on your own
  • An expert in drawing answers and creativity from within you
  • Considers what you want your future to look like
  • Focuses on you
  • Uses a scientific approach to coaching

What Coaching Is Not (therapy or consulting)...

  • Diagnoses the situation and offers solutions
  • Teaches specific strategies or skills (“how to”)
  • Provides mentoring
  • Usually an expert with experience in a particular industry
  • Considers your past, and how that may be influencing your present and future
  • Focuses on the problem from an outsider’s perspective

The Elite Coaching Method

As a certified Elite Coach*, I primarily use the Elite coaching model, which is based on the scientific method. We use it to provide a framework to assist in coaching. It provides an orderly approach, yet allows tremendous flexibility to adapt to individual needs and desires. 

The Scientific Coaching Model we use consists of 5 main steps:

Step 1: Discover & Clarify

Here we discover what we want to prove or disprove… what we to discover and experiment with… and clarify your focus.

Step 2: Hypothesize

Here we develop an “educated guess” at to how the discovery and experimentation may go.

Step 3: Remember Why

This step is determining the WHY we’re pursuing this discovery and experiment. While not really a step in the scientific model, this step is very important in coaching. It helps us maintain momentum and overcome fear, especially if it’s a little revolutionary.

Step 4: Experiment

Let’s test out your hypothesis now! We’ll take steps toward your intended outcome, implement your plan based on your hypothesis.

Step 5: Evaluate & Adjust

What went right? What went differently than we expected? What did we learn in the process? How can we adapt the plan and experiment again?

Then we rinse and repeat – entering the cycle again with our adapted plan until we arrive at our intended outcome (or a new outcome we pursue because of what we learned in our previous experiment)!

* This approach to the scientific coaching model was developed by Mitch Matthews for the Elite Coach Training and certification program. Information about this program can be viewed at

The best way to learn about this approach is to actually experience it. So, I'd like to offer you a complimentary coaching session. Click on the button below and pick a time that works for you.