When we get stressed in any way (acutely from fear or chronically from lower levels of daily stress), one of the first physical changes that occurs is our breathing becomes shallow.

This deprives the brain of much needed oxygen to maintain its processing power – contributing to brain fog, indecision, etc. This oxygen depravation also affects our internal organs in much the same way – making them sluggish, slow to respond, slow to recover from daily demands (let alone the demands of stress). It also affects spinal health, as the motion of lung expansion and contraction with deep breathing is essential for assisting in spinal health.

Breath control can reverse all these factors (and SO much more!).

One method to use (and a great one to start with) is called Box Breathing. Box Breathing is simply a technique where we breathe in deeply (say for 5 seconds), hold that (for 5 seconds), breathe out completely (over a 5 second interval), then hold (for 5 seconds). Do this for about 5 minutes every morning and evening, and whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed during the day.

Here’s a great video explaining Box Breathing:

Let me challenge you to start doing this technique every morning (at least) and watch how your life and outlook on it changes. Do this for a few weeks to a month, then start exploring other breathing techniques and incorporate some of them into your daily habits.

Isn’t your health worth it?

And it doesn’t cost you anything!

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