I’m Jack Holley! (but you probably figured that from the website address, right?)
While this web site is all about YOU, it is good to know who you’re reading about and where she or he is coming from. That’s the purpose of this page.
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Throughout my life, I have pursued many different things, had many different interests. Some were very exciting. Some challenging. Some very short-lived. Others lasting for decades.
Yet at the age of 55, I felt that there just HAD to be MORE to life!

At that point I had 30+ years experience helping people with their health challenges. I had been working in my own chiropractic office near Chicago. My practice was some traditional chiropractic, with a majority in functional medicine (alternative medicine). I focused on helping people who were experiencing the effects of stress on their bodies (dealing with things like adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, sleep issues, etc.).

I had invested so much time, money, and sweat into schooling, continuing education, building my practice(s), networking, etc. It had paid off. I was doing well, but…

While I felt that this was very fulfilling (what about helping people get their lives and health back isn’t fulfilling, right?) and was very good at it, I also felt that I had more to give. I felt I could be of greater service to the world.
I was starting to feel: 
  • unfulfilled
  • anxious
  • disconnected from my purpose
  • stuck
  • and, frankly, a bit bored

Maybe you too are at that point?

Maybe you feel like you have more to give the world (even though you may have been very successful to this point in life).
Maybe you’re looking for more fulfillment and enjoyment out of life.
Maybe you feel like something’s missing.
Everyone has tremendous power within them – just waiting to be tapped and released into the world. Everyone can live their lives on their own terms – with power, clarity and purpose!
Yet only those who willingly dig deep inside, who face their conflicts and fears, who take responsibility for their lives, will experience that joy, fulfillment and contentment!

Are you one of those?

Are you ready to transform your life?

Are you committed to doing what it takes?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, let's talk!

Here’s the bulletpoint version of my life:

  • Personal
  • Born in Michigan, but grew up in suburban Chicago
  • Married for over 30 years to Cathe (that's her in the picture with me)
  • 2 adult children we are very proud of
  • Hobbies include: motorcycles, flying (I am a private pilot), and outdoor activities
  • Learned very early in life to be an overachiever, perfectionist, and procrastinator (which defined a good chunk of my life)
  • Went through a period of burnout with my practice. That's when I came to the realization that I had much more to offer, and decided to make a career transition into coaching.
  • Now I work with professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs who are looking to change direction in their life and/or business, and to make a greater impact in their worlds.
  • Education
  • Attended United Stated Naval Academy (aerospace engineering)
  • National College of Chiropractic (Doctor of Chiropractic)
  • Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (missions & cross-cultural communications)
  • Extensive postgrad training and continuing education in functional medicine, lifestyle/health coaching & chiropractic
  • Certified Elite Coach
  • Experience
  • 35+ years practice in functional medicine & chiropractic (5 years as an associate, the remainder in 4 different practices I started)
  • Several entrepreneurial ventures (some successful, some learning experiences)
  • Leadership positions in multiple organizations, including mentoring individuals to take over leadership roles

Do you recognize yourself in any of this?

If so, we should talk! Let’s explore what’s making you feel that way, what some of your potential options might be, and see if working together to help you navigate this season of your life makes sense. Click the button below and reserve a time to chat! No commitment, no obligation!